Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Riderman, 仮面ライダ

"Vengeance is Mine" By [ Patrick Awa ]

This is a cool piece from Patrick Awa. Not much people like Riderman because he is a kind of failure cybort and the weakest one compared with other the Kamen Riders. I love him because' He can smoke and kiss", woww! glad to know Patrick love Riderman and may has the same thought as me. XD

I love the new riders jacket with "custom paint" of Nemesis (Greek goddess of retribution) stomping on a skull on his back which echoes with his own vengeance there, cool concept!

You can see the sketch here.


  1. Hi Felix,

    thanks very much for featuring my paintings on your SuperHero x Art blog. I am honored to be a part of this along with other great posts!

    I was not aware of your cool Riderman illustration with cigarette on, but it is totally the same idea I intended and is very possible that I might have seen yours sometime back then and liked it in my deep, subconscious level :)

    I was too excited to attend the gallery show with Kamen-Rider theme, it had turned out to be one of the most difficult pieces to finish last year.

  2. hi Patrick, your cool work should share with more people to see that. Keep on doing cool painting and i will forward here with friends at once XD.



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